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A2.095 – May 2nd 2022 – Bug Fixes and QoL changes

This update is to address specific issues that arose the recent Content Update. New Content: – Map Objectives status will now display on the screen briefly after Scanning. – Shadwell Defensive orbs HP lowered by 50%. – Red Invasion events now cause a camera shake from the war horn. – Vendor will now sell Batteries […]

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Vendor Update A2.066 – Content and Balance update!

New vendor has been hidden in each level, selling advanced weapons!   What will the NEXT update include? (Coming soon) – New creature – New Boss – New Shock Perk – Game Mode Colosseum – 2 New Ruptures (Greater Demon) CURRENT Patch Content: – New Vendor has been added to each level. Look for the […]

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A2.04 – Dec 23rd 2021 – Content Update! Lots of new Content and fixes to gameplay

Content update: – Perk System Overhaul. Perks will now drop off from dying enemies, with a higher chance of dropping for the currently equipped weapons. Fire perk renamed to ‘Holy Fire’. Perks are now organized by Ammo type, instead of weapon class. – NEW tutorial – The whole tutorial level has been reworked. – NEW […]

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A1.9 – November 7th, 2021

We are currently working on the new Colloseum vs mode, but it is not included in this build. Patch Notes: – Night waves have been re-balanced for a more intense experience. – Difficulty of the first day has been reduced(Normal Difficulty). – All Orb mod damage has been increased as well as their scaling. – […]

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Update 1.2 – October 19th 2021

– Throwing a grenade while reloading will no longer cancel reload animation. – Reviving with a soul stone will now restock ammunition. – Specific guns will now push creatures back. – Reload speed for SVD, SKS, 870, Benelli and Pump action shotgun has been greatly increased. – LMG – Hip fire Accuracy greatly reduced. – […]

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A0.109 – October 14th 2021

– Newly constructed base defenses were sometimes trapping players. – Attenuation reload sounds for all weapons have been cleaned up. – Talent window now displays account level. – Talent window layout has been cleaned up. – Specific Survival talents were being displayed as unlocked prematurely. – Attenuation for Account Level up sounds have been corrected. […]

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Update 105 – October 11th 2021

Small update. but important! – Leveling up player account will now displays all unlocked content. – Deathmatch – Fixed Nav mesh in all maps. – Ruptures and Curses will no longer be duplicated subsequent days. – Health Bars for Rupture events were not appearing on clients. – Selecting “New Random Character” after sacrificing a character […]

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Phantom Update A104 – Content Update

Large Content Update! New Creatures, Events, and buildable defenses!   -New Content: – New Bootup Loading (Reduces Future Loading) – Buildable barriers in Shadwell can be purchased. – Buildable defense platforms in Shadwell can be purchased. – Shadwell Portal use Indicators – Before Night wave, portals used for the invasion will be highlighted. – New […]

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A0.91 – April 2nd 2021

A0.91 Changes – Orb Modules can now be unlocked, allowing them to drop from chests. – Orb Modules can be installed in Shadwell Orbs, giving them defensive abilities. – All doors can now be destroyed by creatures. – Weather has been implemented. – (Coop) Addition of HUD character portraits, with health bars. – Portal system […]

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Patch A0.87

A0.87 Changes – All character classes are now fully implemented. – Player Account Level will now increase when characters are sacrificed. – Player Account Level unlock system will now properly unlock Playable characters classes, and talents upgrades. – Opening the talent tree (default ‘T’) will show what talents are available, and which have been collected. […]

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