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A2.04 – Dec 23rd 2021 – Content Update! Lots of new Content and fixes to gameplay

Content update: – Perk System Overhaul. Perks will now drop off from dying enemies, with a higher chance of dropping for the currently equipped weapons. Fire perk renamed to ‘Holy Fire’. Perks are now organized by Ammo type, instead of weapon class. – NEW tutorial – The whole tutorial level has been reworked. – NEW […]

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A1.9 – November 7th, 2021

We are currently working on the new Colloseum vs mode, but it is not included in this build. Patch Notes: – Night waves have been re-balanced for a more intense experience. – Difficulty of the first day has been reduced(Normal Difficulty). – All Orb mod damage has been increased as well as their scaling. – […]

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Update 1.2 – October 19th 2021

– Throwing a grenade while reloading will no longer cancel reload animation. – Reviving with a soul stone will now restock ammunition. – Specific guns will now push creatures back. – Reload speed for SVD, SKS, 870, Benelli and Pump action shotgun has been greatly increased. – LMG – Hip fire Accuracy greatly reduced. – […]

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A0.109 – October 14th 2021

– Newly constructed base defenses were sometimes trapping players. – Attenuation reload sounds for all weapons have been cleaned up. – Talent window now displays account level. – Talent window layout has been cleaned up. – Specific Survival talents were being displayed as unlocked prematurely. – Attenuation for Account Level up sounds have been corrected. […]

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Update 105 – October 11th 2021

Small update. but important! – Leveling up player account will now displays all unlocked content. – Deathmatch – Fixed Nav mesh in all maps. – Ruptures and Curses will no longer be duplicated subsequent days. – Health Bars for Rupture events were not appearing on clients. – Selecting “New Random Character” after sacrificing a character […]

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Phantom Update A104 – Content Update

Large Content Update! New Creatures, Events, and buildable defenses!   -New Content: – New Bootup Loading (Reduces Future Loading) – Buildable barriers in Shadwell can be purchased. – Buildable defense platforms in Shadwell can be purchased. – Shadwell Portal use Indicators – Before Night wave, portals used for the invasion will be highlighted. – New […]

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A0.91 – April 2nd 2021

A0.91 Changes – Orb Modules can now be unlocked, allowing them to drop from chests. – Orb Modules can be installed in Shadwell Orbs, giving them defensive abilities. – All doors can now be destroyed by creatures. – Weather has been implemented. – (Coop) Addition of HUD character portraits, with health bars. – Portal system […]

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Patch A0.87

A0.87 Changes – All character classes are now fully implemented. – Player Account Level will now increase when characters are sacrificed. – Player Account Level unlock system will now properly unlock Playable characters classes, and talents upgrades. – Opening the talent tree (default ‘T’) will show what talents are available, and which have been collected. […]

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Update 3 – February 8th 2021

Hello everyone! The update is finally ready! In order to access this build, please set you Days of purgatory to Beta/experimental. (in steam, right click days of purgatory -> properties -> Beta -> Experimental) A0.86 Changes: – (New) Account level system to unlock content. – 28 new playable character models. – Playable character Class system […]

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Update 2 – February 2nd 2021

Hello everyone! There was an update planed for the 18th of January that we had to postpone due to some issues with our new models. These issues have been resolved, and so the next upcoming update will be much larger! Upcoming patch information: Daytime Changes! Daytime exploration has been changed to a timer (instead of […]

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