A2.04 – Dec 23rd 2021 – Content Update! Lots of new Content and fixes to gameplay

Content update:
– Perk System Overhaul.
Perks will now drop off from dying enemies, with a higher chance of dropping for the currently equipped weapons.
Fire perk renamed to ‘Holy Fire’.
Perks are now organized by Ammo type, instead of weapon class.
– NEW tutorial – The whole tutorial level has been reworked.
– NEW Weapon Break stats windows – shows detailed weapon information.
– NEW: ‘Demon chests’ have been added.
‘Demon chests’ will give a specified reward once all creatures spawned from the chests are defeated.
– NEW: Player spawn locations on the first day will no longer be outside Shadwell.
Players will only be able to leave Shadwell’s starter room after the first morning..
– NEW Rapid Fire Shotgun – Bulldog.
– Max Character level reduced to 5. (resets at the start of each day)
– Shotguns now load 2 shells at a time.
– ALL shotguns have been update. (Pellet count, damage and spread)
– Creatures will no longer reset when pushed off Nav mesh, causing warping.
– Number of Teleportation Charges will now scale with player count.
– Tutorial now requires specific actions before the player is able to proceed.
– The Reaper in Shadwell has been given new spawn particles.
– Flames created by players have been changed to blue to aid in differentiating from hostile flames.
– Teleportation statutes will now require a 60 second wait to transfer between levels.
– Activating the Teleportation statue will now spawn waves of creatures centered around the statue, NOT the players..
– New Room added to Shadwell building to allow firing points in all directions.
– Demon Difficulty increasing will now make the level darker. When Demons are recalled, the darkness will be repelled (When the beacon turns green).
– Beacon Warning event(Orange Light) will no longer spawn a swarm of creatures, giving the players a chance to prepare for the Beacon Invasion event.
– Ammo pile has been given a green flame to aid in locating them.
– Teleportation statue has been given a yellow flame to aid in locating them.
– Completing objectives listed in the Necronomicon will now mark them as completed, instead of being removed.
– Shop item selection has been updated to better match the day’s difficulty.
– New locations added for Curse altars, Ruptures, and Energy Orbs.
– New keybinds added to the settings menu.
– Fire on creatures has been adjusted to follow the correct body parts.
– Ammo can no longer be removed from the ammo belt. (Exploit fix)
– Pending traveling text has been cleaned up.

Bug Fixes:
– Major bug fix: Creatures spawning from Phantom events on later days were being multiplied incorrectly.
– Tutorial weapon container could not be opened.
– Tutorial doors will now play sounds when opened.
– Fixed ‘Alpha’ label on the main menu.
– Nav mesh clean up in the catacombs.
– Fixed naming convention of all modified weapons.
– Fixed Post Process volume in Shadwell that was causing a severe FPS drop in specific areas.
– Particles spawned from the toxic perk will no longer spawn at the base of the creature.
– Perk names have been fixed.
– Orb Modules have been named more consistently.
– Sargent – Shadwell location markers have been replaced, and their height adjusted to match terrain height.
– Weapon Penetration counts have been adjusted to properly reflect talent penetration increases.
– Ammo Pile would not fill up ammo past the base max amount(before considering Talent increase).
– Clients would reload twice in specific circumstances. (was very difficult to isolate)
– Clients were not getting full ammo after using a Soul Shard (Was working for host).
– Players were keeping their starting melee weapon, even when getting a new character.
– Shadwell Defensive Orbs were not saving their modules when returning to Shadwell.
– Game over screen was still being presented when transitioning between levels without SoulStones available.
– Perk notifications adjusted to reflect the new setup.
– Collisions for objects in Shadwell starting room have been fixed.
– Compass Icons sizes for specific objectives have been increased.

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