A0.91 – April 2nd 2021

A0.91 Changes
– Orb Modules can now be unlocked, allowing them to drop from chests.
– Orb Modules can be installed in Shadwell Orbs, giving them defensive abilities.
– All doors can now be destroyed by creatures.
– Weather has been implemented.
– (Coop) Addition of HUD character portraits, with health bars.
– Portal system in Shadwell has been re-worked. Player travel status is now visible, and players can now vote for the next map.
– Loot caches will now be restocked every day.
– Addition of ‘Connecting to Game’ prompt when attempting to connect to a game.
– HUD Perk notifications have been changed to a minimal set up.
– By request of tester Terrahawk – Damage number can now be toggled on/off in options menu.
– Level 1 Perks can now be seen at level 0 (from the game start).
– Account level and progression can now be seen from the main menu.
– Players now have a HUD marker to direct them towards the beacon.
– Improvement to all Necronomicon images.

Bug Fixes:
– Black screen when first loading DoP has been replaced with a loading screen.
– Can no longer access inventory or perk window when in loading screen.
– Creatures were not spawning from curse altars in specific maps. (fixed)
– ‘Use on pickup’ items could not be picked up with a full backpack. (fixed)
– Assigning a key already in use will notify the player ‘key already in use’.
– Key drops were limited to 1 per container. (fixed)
– Location verification for all Loot cache, teleportation orb, curse altar, rupture crystals in all levels.
– All levels have had ‘floating objects’ fixed.
– Zombies spawned by Zombie Slavers will now chase the player.

Known Bugs:
– Zombies will sometimes continue to attack destroyed doors.
– Hounds are causing an FPS drop/stutter.
– HUD marker for location of downed teammate is not properly positioned.
– Loading screen Fobber is appearing as a grey image.

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