Phantom Update A104 – Content Update

Large Content Update! New Creatures, Events, and buildable defenses!


-New Content:
– New Bootup Loading (Reduces Future Loading)
– Buildable barriers in Shadwell can be purchased.
– Buildable defense platforms in Shadwell can be purchased.
– Shadwell Portal use Indicators – Before Night wave, portals used for the invasion will be highlighted.
– New Level Prison!
– New Level Ruins!
– New Tutorial Level!
– New Dialogue for Game events.
– Major Modifications to The Catacombs (Level).
– Major Modifications for Shallowstone Graveyard (Level).
– Major Modifications for Northside City (Level).
– 4 New Rupture events.
– New Hard Mode. (Randomizes all objective locations)
– New Creature scaling. This is now tied with the beacon’s Light.
– Beacon will only emit light when an event or scan is triggered.
– New Loading screens tooltips.
– Beacon carrier is now notified when Beacon is ready to scan.
– Increase in responsiveness for all combat. Demons now react instantly when shot.
– Scanning will now make the following objectives appear on the compass:
Curse Altars, Event Ruptures, Loot Caches, Ammo Piles, and Cages.
– Creature projectiles can now harm other creatures.
– Destructible Door system has been reworked, twice.
– Desert eagle, 44 magnum, SKS and SVD have had their damage increased.
– Dealing damage to Creatures will now play a 2d sound.
– Killing Creatures will now play a 2d sound.
– Damned heads can now be shot off.
– Brightness increased.
– Brightness slider added to options menu.
– Grenades now deal damage to the owner (not teammates). Self damage reduced by 50%, and has a damage limit.
– Spitters no longer get pushed back by melee attacks.
– Overhaul of all talents – All values modified.
– Overhaul of all account level unlocks.
– New Survival Talent: Reduced melee stamina usage.
– New Survival Talent: Increase ammo belt capacity for each ammo type.
– Purchasable Talent containers will no longer drop talents that have not yet been unlocked.
– Purchasable Orb Module containers will no longer drop orb modules that have not yet been unlocked.
– Updated Perk Menu.
– Campaign waiting room has music, and a map update.
– On screen notification for completion of Curse Altar and Ruptures.
– All Rupture creatures now have a health bar.
– Mouse Wheel will now cycle between weapons.
– Cash pickup now shows recently collected cash separately.
– Cash is now shared by the whole team.
– Sacrifice Timer in Shadwell will now select ‘Random Character’ when time expires.
– When Ammo belt is empty, player can now hold reload to move ammo from backpack to ammo belt automatically.
– When ammo belt is empty, holding the reload button will move ammo from backpack to ammo belt automatically.
– New Prompt notifying the player that the flashlight can be recharged by holding the flashlight button.
– New Defensive barriers can be purchased in Shadwell to block the Invasion.
– New Defensive structures can be purchased in Shadwell yard.
– Shadwell Orbs will retain their Modules if the Orb is not attacked during an invasion.
– New Sprinting arm positions.
– Health and armor pickups are now shared between all players.
– Creatures will now be able to properly jump onto higher surfaces.

-Bug Fixes:
– Center for wandering creatures was not updating properly.
– Host was unable to see which clients had completed loading, when entering a new level.
– Old tutorial system has been disabled by default.
– Creatures no longer have a max aggro range. (Will now attack player if aggro from far away)
– Game version information in the Campaign join menu now shows proper game version information.
– Hosted games will only be made visible when the host is ready to accept players.
– Shadwell Orbs showing modules that were not equipped.
– Lowered volume levels of -Leveling up account, -Clever impact, -Character Level up.
– Shadwell Orb’s repair button was not functioning.
– Gunfire replication has been greatly improved.
– Shadwell Orb tooltips now update when clicked, updating cost and health.
– Fixed bullet impact sounds and particles for creatures with armor.
– Fixed bullet impacts in Shadwell map.
– Item sorting priority order.
– Volume levels of all weapons firing adjusted.
– Collision fixes for objects in Graveyard map.
– Unable to click back into the game (rare).
– After loading into map “Waiting for players to load” screen would not close (rare).
– Skeleton Footman – Blue shield was not being destroyed by bullets.
– Scaling difficulty will now increase Hounds rate of ‘Enraged’.
– Multiple AI were unable to see the player when not ‘Enraged’.
– Door Replication issues for clients.
– Door collision will be turned off when open.
– Clients will now properly see the cost of loot containers that require money to open.
– Weather system activating weather effects when indoors. (Fixed)
– Shop was not displaying weapon tiers on clients.
– Active weapons on clients will now properly show weapon type.
– Equipped weapons now have a detailed hover over.
– Night wave was not ending, due to untracked creatures.
– Spawning Corruption patch for Spitters was not appearing on clients.
– Reload sounds for AK47 were being played as 2d sounds.
– Purchased Talent containers were sometimes not dropping talent pickups.
– Purchased Orb containers were sometimes not dropping Orb Modules.
– Already opened loot caches will no longer be highlighted by the beacon.
– Flickering fog – This should no longer be occurring (difficult to replicate).
– Fixed map transfer for dead players.
– Fixed attack particles and sounds for Skeleton Archers.
– Fixed Pickup Information for Weapon and Survival Talents.
– Hounds are now pushed back by Shadwell Push module.
– Pressing Tab when the backpack is open will always close the backpack.
– Game over screen was being presented when all players were in a ‘fallen’ state, but were able to self revive.
– Map vote is now accepted with a majority vote.

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