A2.095 – May 2nd 2022 – Bug Fixes and QoL changes

This update is to address specific issues that arose the recent Content Update.

New Content:
– Map Objectives status will now display on the screen briefly after Scanning.
– Shadwell Defensive orbs HP lowered by 50%.
– Red Invasion events now cause a camera shake from the war horn.
– Vendor will now sell Batteries and MedKits.

Bug Fixes:
– Chat box adjusted to avoid overlapping with character portraits.
– Fire Particle was delayed on clients.
– Backpack on clients was visible in first person.
– Fixed collision issues in city, that allowed the player to exit the play area.
– Farmland – Navigation issues have been corrected (More to come)
– Farmland – Added missing level border fencing.
– Spelling error in Necronomicon.
– Changed color, size and font of player names to increase visibility.
– Activation sound for health fountain in vendor was playing as a 2d Sound.

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