Vendor Update A2.066 – Content and Balance update!

New vendor has been hidden in each level, selling advanced weapons!


What will the NEXT update include? (Coming soon)
– New creature
– New Boss
– New Shock Perk
– Game Mode Colosseum
– 2 New Ruptures (Greater Demon)

CURRENT Patch Content:
– New Vendor has been added to each level. Look for the blue portal to visit his shop.
— Shop is closed during Demon Invasions.
— Offers Talent purchases that are not limited by account level.
— Offers advanced weapons.
— Ammo pile
— Free healing

New Gold Goblin has been added.
— Gold Goblin will spawn at random intervals, at random locations in the current level.
— Don’t let him escape, killing him will drop large amounts of cash.

– Levels for Campaign (Normal and Hard mode) are randomized each play through.
– Player’s active perk information is now displayed on weapons tooltips.
– Invasion events will not occur immediately when first starting a day.
– Weapon Talents have been modified to make each weapon class feel more specialized.
– New Weapon stats information is now available.
– Necronomicon will now show Teleportation charge count.
– Necronomicon Hot key is now displayed when attempting to interact with Teleportation Statue.
– Talent tree tooltips have been cleaned up.

– New Ammo Talent Pickup!
— Reward chest for surviving a Shadwell Night invasion will now drop a Talent unlock
that increases the ammo belt capacity for all ammo types.

– New item Soul Shard (extra life) is drop from Shadwell night invasion reward chest.

– (New) Beacon is now highlighted when planted or dropped.
— Players now get a message on screen indicating that the Beacon has been dropped.
— Beacon will now initiate a scan when placed on a Portal Statue.

– New Dialogue – Players now hear the guiding voice of the fallen king, informing them of goals yet to be completed.

– Demon Chests now warn the player of Demon count and Demon difficulty.
— Demon Chests have been made easier.

Bug Fixes and balance changes:
– Hard Mode – Completing 1 teleportation event will now give enough charges to travel, regardless of the number of players.
– Red invasion events have been made easier, lowering Demon density.
– Wandering creatures will no longer hunt the player until an invasion event is triggered.
– Healing packs moved to Shadwell spawn room.
– Zoom levels of Acog scopes adjusted.
– Shop no longer sells ammo.
– XP on screen display has been truncated.
– Pickup and interaction radius for dropped items has been adjusted to be more uniformed and consistent.
– Fixed error in Max mag capacity talents for Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles.
– Current map is now visible in Travel widget.
– Travel widget has been cleaned up.
– Shop weapon sorting order has been fixed.
– Enraged Gorgers will now deal damage twice on death, once for the initial explosion, and a second time shortly after, that will cover the players screen in blood.
– Bullet collision for invisible walls in Shadwell has been fixed. Bullets will now pass through.
– Sacrifice Reaper particle adjustments.
– Name of ‘Prison’ in travel menu has been changed to Penitentiary. (now matches Necronomicon Naming convention)
– Fixed Hard mode Map Unlocking.
– Fixed interaction menu location for ammo piles.

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