Update 1.2 – October 19th 2021

– Throwing a grenade while reloading will no longer cancel reload animation.
– Reviving with a soul stone will now restock ammunition.
– Specific guns will now push creatures back.
– Reload speed for SVD, SKS, 870, Benelli and Pump action shotgun has been greatly increased.
– LMG – Hip fire Accuracy greatly reduced.
– Inventory Healing packs can now be used by holding ‘H’.
– Skeleton Archer
– Rain of arrows Cooldown and minimum range increased.
– Arrow attack attenuation fixed(Sound).
– Gorger (Enraged) – Detonation will now apply on screen blood effect to any hit players.
– Deathmatch – Creature grenade will now spawn gorgers as runners.
– Deathmatch – DM_Colloseum (Level) – creature grenades can now pass through glass. (1 way only)
– Attenuation fixes for multiple sound effects.
– Traveling to a new zone with 0 soul shards will no longer show the game over screen.
– Scorpion Rupture creature
– Damage point has been made more visible.
– Projectile Attack animation slowed.
– Loot Caches will now always drop a scope.
– Increased drop rate for scopes in reward chests.
– Collecting items dropped from containers is more responsive.
– Collectable items on clients will no longer teleport.

Bug fixes:
– Fixed Survival talent interaction details.
– Account level up information has been fixed to properly reflect the unlocked level.
– Duplicate doors removed from Arctic Penitentiary.

For more info please visit Steam page Days Of Purgatory on Steam (steampowered.com)

Special Thanks to the testers, and bug isolators!
Sckiz1! – SKDasmius – GoatForce – Gorehead – Enret

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