Update 105 – October 11th 2021

Small update. but important!

– Leveling up player account will now displays all unlocked content.
– Deathmatch – Fixed Nav mesh in all maps.
– Ruptures and Curses will no longer be duplicated subsequent days.
– Health Bars for Rupture events were not appearing on clients.
– Selecting “New Random Character” after sacrificing a character will only give characters without a class.
– Cleaver from The Butcher was skipping on clients.
– Opening the travel menu in Shadwell will now show the Necronomicon first.
– Account level has been added to the F1 score menu in Campaign.
– Weather will now smoothly transition states when moving in and out of buildings.
– Weather will now smoothly transition to ‘intense’ settings when an event is triggered.
– Hard mode Is now unlocked by completing 7 days in normal difficulty.
– Ambient sound levels adjusted in Deathmatch maps.
– Map cleanup and enhancement – Northside City.
– Map cleanup and enhancement – Emerald Ruins.
– Map cleanup and enhancement – Artic Penitentiary
– Survival Talent tree was displaying incorrectly.

A Special Thanks to Sckiz1 for helping with testing, and bug collection. –

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