A1.9 – November 7th, 2021

We are currently working on the new Colloseum vs mode, but it is not included in this build.

Patch Notes:
– Night waves have been re-balanced for a more intense experience.
– Difficulty of the first day has been reduced(Normal Difficulty).
– All Orb mod damage has been increased as well as their scaling.
– Teleportation statue setup has been changed.
– – No longer requires all players to be in range.
– – Now takes 60 seconds to begin the level transfer.
– – Spawns waves of demons during this wait period.
– Important text in Necronomicon has been highlighted.
– Necronomicon now has icons to represent the scan outline of important objectives.
– Drop rates of weapons chests on the first day will no longer drop Tier 3 weapons.
– The Weapon Container at the entrance of Catacombs will now always be full.
– Butcher will now turn enraged after spawning Hounds.
– Meteors during the night wave have a new smoke trail, and will use different Meteor Shapes.
– Meteors containing Rupture creatures (Shadwell night waves) now have a unique color and smoke particle.
– Hit reaction Threshold for Demons now scales with max HP.

Bug Fixes:
– Keybindings: ‘Key already in use’ notification was hidden in background.
– Health bar on Shadwell Defenses will no longer be visible on destroyed doors.
– Skeleton Mage Fire Tornado will no longer pass through walls.
– Volume level of ‘Fire Tornado’ has been lowered.
– Talent pickups dropped by purchasable Talent containers will no longer get stuck in nearby walls.
– Changing Video Settings (Options menu) will no longer reset gameplay settings.
– Changing Game Settings (Options menu) will no longer reset the brightness slider.
– The Account level window was sized incorrectly when shown in Talent window.
– Position of the MP5 with a HoloScope has been adjusted.

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