A0.109 – October 14th 2021

– Newly constructed base defenses were sometimes trapping players.
– Attenuation reload sounds for all weapons have been cleaned up.
– Talent window now displays account level.
– Talent window layout has been cleaned up.
– Specific Survival talents were being displayed as unlocked prematurely.
– Attenuation for Account Level up sounds have been corrected.
– Available Soul Count has been added to the backpack.
– Starting location for Beacon has been enhanced in each level.
– Map Update: Arctic Penitentiary.

Currently under development:
– Transferring between maps with 0 soul shards displays a Game Over screen.
This message is false, and if ignored, the next map will load.
– Specific weapons are being given demon push back.

Visit Steam for more info : Days Of Purgatory on Steam (steampowered.com)

A Special Thanks to Sckiz1 and EnRet for helping with testing, and bug collection.

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