Patch A0.87

A0.87 Changes
– All character classes are now fully implemented.
– Player Account Level will now increase when characters are sacrificed.
– Player Account Level unlock system will now properly unlock Playable characters classes, and talents upgrades.
– Opening the talent tree (default ‘T’) will show what talents are available, and which have been collected.
– Fat zombies have been replaced with better models and effects.
– Extra information about character classes can now be seen in the F1 scorecard
– ‘Shovels’ for character revival, have been replaced with ‘Soul Shards’.
– Using a soul shard will give a random character.
– Using soul shard now has the possibility of giving the player a character with a class.
– Statue interaction menu has been updated.

Bug Fix:
– Fat zombies will now properly spawn as wandering creatures.
– Game no longer ends if player dies while soul shards or extra characters are still available. If all players die, they will be able to revive using a soul shard or alternate available character.
– Zombie sounds are now audible.
– Level optimizations for Dungeon, City, Farmland, Graveyard and Hospital.
– When transferring to a new map the client may lose their inventory. (currently under investigation) – Fix Implemented.

Bug fixes (hotfix):
– Travel widget fix
– Map cleanup – Farmland and Graveyard

Known bugs:
– Creature grenades (deathmatch) will cause performance issues for the computer hosting the game.

Upcoming patch information:
– Shadwell Orb module and upgrade system is almost Completed.
– More balance changes.
– New map – Abandoned Military Compound has been delayed, but Prison has been put as the higher priority.

Long Term Goals:
– Modules for Beacon, giving new bonuses.
– Mini Levels – New segregated mini levels with a reward at the end.
– UI refinement.
– AI Optimizations.
– Shadwell Gas system.

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