Update 3 – February 8th 2021

Hello everyone!

The update is finally ready! In order to access this build, please set you Days of purgatory to Beta/experimental. (in steam, right click days of purgatory -> properties -> Beta -> Experimental)

A0.86 Changes:

– (New) Account level system to unlock content.
– 28 new playable character models.

– Playable character Class system – (System is not fully implement)
– 7 New classes: Torchbearer, Doctor, Police Officer, Athlete, Engineer, Explosive expert, Sergeant.
– Each class has a unique passive and active.

– Down system.
– Players now have the chance to resuscitate down teammates.

– Death system overhaul.
– In coop games, Dead Players are now able to revive. This can either be done by picking from a new character from their character list (which will reset their XP), or using a shovel to resurrect their dead character (without a loss to XP – limited uses).

– Day Timer – Changed to a Timer system that increments demon difficulty as time goes on.
– Complete overhaul of post Shadwell night waves sacrifice system.
– Balance of Demon spawning.
– New Map – City.
– Map overhaul – Dungeon.

High priority bug:
– When transferring to a new map the client may lose their inventory.
Known Large bugs:
– Creature grenades (deathmatch) will cause performance issues for the computer hosting the game.

Upcoming patch information:
– Completion of class system.
– More balance changes.
– New map – Abandoned Military Compound.
– Items listed in the Long terms goals. (currently undecided)

Long Term Goals:
– Conversion of Talent tree to a collectable pickup system.
– Modules for Beacon, giving new bonuses.
– Shadwell Orb Defense systems – Orbs can be enhanced with bonuses allowing for manual or automated defenses.
– Mini Levels – New segregated mini levels with a reward at the end.


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