Update 2 – February 2nd 2021

Hello everyone!

There was an update planed for the 18th of January that we had to postpone due to some issues with our new models.

These issues have been resolved, and so the next upcoming update will be much larger!

Upcoming patch information:

Daytime Changes!
Daytime exploration has been changed to a timer (instead of a countdown) that scales the difficulty of the game the longer players remain. Players now have the choice of when they will return to Shadwell.

Persistent account level!
Account level has been integrated into DoP. Leveling up your account will allow you to unlock new content for future playthroughs. The account level is intended to be persistent, but it may be reset as more unlockable content is added.

New characters! (Unlockable Content)
Characters will now have classes. Each class will have a unique passive and a unique active.
Not all class passives/actives will be included in this update, but the characters will still be accessible.

End of night wave menus!
The entire end of night wave set up has been redone, including a new character selection menu.

Downed teammates!
When a player reaches 0 health, they will no longer die immediately. Teammate will have the opportunity to resuscitate them. If they the resuscitation fails, the player will be presented with their new revival options.

New Map!
The City Map will also be included.


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