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Thank you for taking an interest in our game!

Days of Purgatory (DoP) has just been released on steam in Early Access, and we are quite excited to move forward.

In the upcoming months we will be implementing a lot of new content, some much needed bug fixes, and some quality of life improvements to the core gameplay itself. Below, you will find our highest priority items.

Upcoming New Content:
– Roguelike elements
There are many roguelike elements that will be added into Days of Purgatory. (detailed below)

– Account level progression
After each playthrough of Days of Purgatory, the points accumulated from sacrificing characters will be converted into XP for your account level. As your account levels up, new content will be unlocked.

– Character classes
Currently, all playable characters are generic. These characters will remain, but there will be new classes added, each with their own unique benefits and abilities. These character will be unlocked by account level. Once unlocked, Players will be able to find them in cages, and select them as playable characters after the night waves.

– Beacon Modules
The Light Beacon is going to receive an update, allowing it to hold Modules that impact nearby players, or creatures. Planting the beacon will activate these effects.

– Orb Shards
The Orbs powering the doors around Shadwell will receive an update allowing them hold Shards. The shards will be used to harm nearby demons, or protecting the orb itself. These abilities will either be automated or will need to be triggered by players.

– Rifts (New)
Rifts will transport players out of their current level, into a new mini level to fight a mini-boss. These Rifts will have a reward at the end, but will be difficult to complete. Rifts will be optional. When a Rift is completed, the players will return to the normal level to continue their scavenging.

– Talent tree Rework
The talent tree will be removed in its current form. These bonuses will instead be unlocked by leveling up your account. When unlocked, they will be dropped as rewards for completing objectives, or in loot caches.

– Rupture creatures
The current Rupture creatures will be modified to be more fun to fight.
New Creatures will be added.
In the long term, we would like to add LOTS of creatures to DoP to make every playthrough more unique and challenging.

– Curse Altar
New curses will be added.

– Day limit increase
The maximum day limit will be increasing as game content is added.

– Bosses
A boss will be added to night 7, 14, 21, 28 and 30.

– New Maps
There are currently 2 maps that are almost ready. As soon as they are properly vetted, they will be added to the campaign map pool. This is just the start for our map collection. Our goal is to give the players choices of which map and objectives should be dealt with, and in what order.

Upcoming Bug fixes:
– Black screen when first launching the game
Currently, this looks like the game has crashed when first loading DoP. Given some time, it does load to the main menu. DoP will appear as ‘Not Responding’ in the task manager, but it is still loading. Placing DoP on an SSD is a temporary solution to reduce load times.

– Inventory loss when changing maps
This is a very high priority bug, and will be resolved as soon as possible.

– Creature grenades – drop in performance
The host of a deathmatch game will experience stuttering and FPS drop when creature grenades are used on large maps.

– Shadwell shop
The shop in Shadwell is showing wrong tier information for items in the players backpack.

Quality of life changes:
– Menu prompts
After clicking ‘Join’, DoP will begin attempting to connect to a game, but the player is not presented with a “Connecting…” screen to let them know they are attempting to connect to the selected game. This is just an example, there are quite a few menus like this we will be adding in.

– Overhaul of end of night wave prompts
After a night wave is completed, we will be changing all the menus, and presentation of the day’s summary. This includes the character selection menu.

– Melee swings being blocked by Shadwell Orbs
Swinging melee weapons near a Shadwell Orb will sometimes get blocked by colliding with the orb. This should not be occurring.

– Melee attacks reset weapon reloading
When a weapon is in the process of reloading, it will reset if the player uses a melee attack. This will be fixed so players can melee while reloading, without interrupting their reload duration.

– Ammunition
Ammunition will be kept in its current form, except players will have access to ammo piles in all the levels. These ammo piles will fill their current primary and secondary ammo. Ammo picked up by other means can be stored in the backpack for emergency usage.

– Night wave meteor and portal markers
During the night waves, its difficult to track the incoming hordes of demons. A HUD marker will be added so players can track incoming waves.

– Teammates on HUD
In Campaign, players will be able to see their teammates on the HUD, showing their HP and armor.

This is just the start of our journey, and we sincerely appreciate you coming along for the ride.
-Gory Gaming

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