Key Features

Days of Purgatory is early access and is currently under development. This is not a finished product.

– Available game modes:
Campaign – A 4 player coop experience. Players will fight the clock, collecting gear, new characters, and leveling up, trying to survive for as long as possible. (Details below)
Survival (Deathmatch) – Given only 1 life per round, players hunt each other down, while being plagued by hordes of creatures.
Deathmatch – A bloody free for all. Try and kill the other players while fighting off roaming packs of zombies.
Hide and Seek (Deathmatch) – Players while trying to kill each other, will be punished if seen by patrolling hordes of creatures.

All deathmatch modes allow the players to summon their own armies of the dead. With multiple grenades types to pick from, each spawning a different type of creature.

Campaign Details:
The Days of Purgatory Campaign is a fast paced coop FPS roguelike, with an emphasis on killing hordes of monsters and scavenging for loot and upgrades.
Level up your character to select from randomized temporary bullet enhancements. Sacrifice your character to unlock new content.
Earn cash to purchase new talents that will permanently increase damage of a weapon type, or Survival talents that will upgrade your characters abilities.

At the start of each day, Players are given objectives that need to be completed before returning to Shadwell. These objectives are randomized, and will empower the Demons in a variety of ways.
Consult the ‘Book Of The Dead’ for details about these objectives, their locations and Demon empowerment.
Players are given a Beacon to light their path. The Beacon can be used to highlight objectives, and will warn players when a swarm of Demons has been set loose.

At the end of each day, players will return to Shadwell to slay the invading forces.
If the Objectives are not destroyed before returning to Shadwell, all creatures invading Shadwell will be enhanced until the invasion is repelled.

Purchase Shadwell defenses to help stave off the invasion. Build walls, or structures for better firing positions.
Shadwell is protected by 4 Orbs, each creating a barrier at an entry point. These Orbs can be upgraded or socketed with Modules for automated defenses.
When the Orbs are destroyed, Demons will enter the Shadwell building to destroy the Heart.

On every 7th night, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse will send their army to destroy the heart. Be warned of the army at your doorstep.

Extra Details:
– Lost Souls – Lost Souls found in purgatory will unlock playable characters.

– Sacrifice Lost Souls – Players are rewarded with permanent account level XP.
– Increasing your account level will permanently unlock a large variety of Talents, Orb Modules and Character Classes.
– Talents drastically increase the player’s power, but must be collected each playthrough.
– New Lost Souls may have any of the available unlocked Character Classes. Each Class has a unique Passive bonus, and Activatable ability.
– Orb Modules offer automated defenses for the barriers protecting Shadwell.

– Each playable character will have their own level and level up Perks(Separate from the Talents). Perks will add elemental effects to weapons, causing a variety of effects.

– Gateway Charges – Collect these charges to power the gateway allowing the players to move between levels.

– A large variety of unique monsters will be added in to keep gameplay unpredictable and complex.

As these creatures are integrated, player feedback will be a great factor in offering adjustments and new gameplay mechanics.

The Story

Unworthy of the kingdom of heaven, the forces of hell have come to claim the soul of Liam Fortin. Journey through the demon infested zones to find supplies that will aid in surviving another night.


Liam Fortin has lived a terrible, murderous existence. Stranded in purgatory, forsaken by the heavens, only the demons of the underworld have come to claim his soul.


Search through the demon infested purgatory for supplies and weapons to survive another night, for failure will surely mean damnation.

What do you get?

The main purpose of this game is to create a compelling rogue like cooperative campaign.

Other included game modes:

DEATHMATCH – Kill other players, while fighting zombies.

TEAM DEATHMATCH – Work as a team to kill other players while fending off the undead.

SURVIVAL – You are being hunted. Not just by monsters, but by players. Last one alive wins.


New monster types will be added in as they are created and integrated into Days of Purgatory.





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